SUN ULTRA Enterprise 450  
CCA Version Motherboard
Dual 400MHz, 4MB Cache Processors
1GB RAM Memory
2 x 4.2GB SCSI Disk Drive
PGX Graphics Card
Internal CDRom Drive
Internal Floppy Drive
Dual 560 Watt Power Supplies
20" Color Monitor
Sun Type 5 Keyboard/Mouse and Pad

Sun Ultra Enterprise 450

SUN ULTRA Enterprise 420R
450MHz, 4MB Cache Processor
1GB RAM Memory
18.2GB SCSI Disk Drive
PGX Graphics Card
Internal CDRom Drive

Sun Ultra Enterprise 420R


Dual 750MHz, 8MB Cache Ultra III Processors
2GB RAM Memory
2 x 36.4GB FC-AL Disk Drive
Internal DVDRom-10 Drive


Sun Fire 280R

SUN ULTRA Enterprise 4500
Enterprise CPU/Memory Board
Dual 400MHz, 8MB Cache Processors
1GB RAM Memory
Sbus I/O Board
18.2 GB Disk Board (2x9.1GB SCSI Disk Drives)
Internal CDRom Drive
2 x Power Cooling Modules

Sun Ultra Enterprise 4500

SUN NETRA t 1120
Dual 300MHz, 2MB Cache Processors
512MB RAM Memory
18.2 GB SCSI Disk Drive
Dual Differential SCSI Host Adapter
Internal 32X CDRom Drive
Internal 12-24GB, 4MM, DDS3 Tape Drive
DC Power Supply

Sun NETRA t 1120

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